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Beervana : The Words Out, The lads Are In fact, On.

NOV 19, 2020

With New Zealand’s biggest beer festival Beervana being held this weekend at Sky stadium in our capital city of Wellington, this will be a showcase of NZ's finest beers available. Reports are coming in that there is a bit of hype on the lads group chat starting to form.


Homemade food with real ingredients – including free-range eggs

NOV 13, 2020

Iconic café Viv’s Kitchen in Sanson has recently made the change to free-range eggs which are proudly supplied by Local Food NZ. Famous for its delicious cream horns, the café’s success has been 14 years in the making and owners Kevan and Viv are not finished yet.


Double Yolk, It's No Joke

NOV 12, 2020

What is it about the classic double yolker that gets people going?

Is it the fact that you purchase an egg thinking you have 1, then Bam! Out of no where 2 yolks magically appear into the pan.

That feeling of “did I just get 2 for the price of 1?” hits your brain and the instant satisfaction of getting a small win rushes through your body.


Extending the trusted Focal Point brand to fresh ready-to-eat salads

OCT 8, 2020

It’s been a busy few months for Julie Bell and the team at Focal Point Gourmet. Extending the trusted Focal Point brand into fresh ready-to-eat salads has been very well received by locals at the Feilding Farmers Market on a Friday and an exciting change of pace for the staff.


I like the experience and connection you get with local suppliers

JUL 27, 2020

Jamil Hammoud and his team at the Saleyards Cafe value the relationship they have with their egg supplier Scott Jimmieson at Local Food NZ. “The eggs are so fresh, they are a great colour” explains Jamil, “we need extremely fresh eggs for our big breakfast, and we are guaranteed that with Local Food.”


So fresh and consistent

JUL 10 2020

The team at Moomaa Cafe and Design Store are loving the freshness and consistency of Local Food NZ eggs. Moomaa owner Emma Shannon explains that prior to using Local Food they were experiencing a lot of wastage with poor quality or older eggs with other suppliers. "It's been a great move. They are just extremely fresh and we love supporting local producers."


An egg a day

JUL 02, 2020

We often have this mindset that we want to eat local, but then convenience kicks in and we just add that egg carton to the supermarket shop by default. The eggs are often 4+ days old by the time they reach the shelves and most consumers purchase a carton of 12 free range eggs, which averages around $7.50/doz. Here at Local Food NZ, we offer a tray of 30 for $17.99 and we pack them fresh on the morning of delivery.


I've never had a bad egg

JUN 16, 2020

Cafe Express manager Suzie Richards enjoys the freshness of the eggs from Local Food NZ.


Best eggs ever supplied to Cafe Jacko

JUN 11, 2020

Cafe owner Jacko Stephens believes Local Food NZ eggs are hands down the best eggs he's ever received at Cafe Jacko.