An egg a day

Local Food NZ

JUL 02, 2020

We often have this mindset that we want to eat local, but then convenience kicks in and we just add that egg carton to the supermarket shop by default. The eggs are often 4+ days old by the time they reach the shelves and most consumers purchase a carton of 12 free range eggs, which averages around $7.50/doz. Here at Local Food NZ, we offer a tray of 30 for $17.99 and we pack them fresh on the morning of delivery.

"Eggs are on of today's best value food buys. Eggs supply all natural high-quality protein and a variety of important vitamins and minerals at a very low price" At Local Food NZ we pack our eggs fresh so their best before date is 35 days. During these colder months, they'll be suitable for scrambling and omelettes for a few days after that B.B as well.

Why not make it easy and order a monthly subscription. The eggs will arrive once a month by the crew at Local Food NZ and you'll have extremely fresh, local eggs on hand at all times. With a tray of 30 eggs, it's perfect for 'an egg a day' - the easy way.

From pancakes to fritters, omelettes to soft boiled with soldiers, bacon and egg pie, Pad Thai to burgers and curried egg sandwiches - you'll be surprised how that tray disappears! Don't sacrifice local for convenience. Enjoy both with a Local Food NZ subscription.