Beervana : The Words Out, The lads Are In fact, On.


NOV 19, 2020

With New Zealand’s biggest beer festival Beervana being held this weekend at Sky stadium in our capital city of Wellington, this will be a showcase of NZ's finest beers available. Reports are coming in that there is a bit of hype on the lads group chat starting to form.

With a combination of events being canceled/postponed due to mass gathering limits with Covid-19 and the cold months of winter which we are coming out of, there seems to be “brewing” a perfect “frothy” storm for the lads to get together for a few quiets.

Beervana is all about discovery and collaboration, with all the staple brewers making an appearance but also some up and coming start-ups. Local Food is putting on its chartable hat and will be helping out Native Sparkling’s marketing team so make sure you call in and catch up at site 17.

The event is made up of 4 sessions with the first session starting on 20th November 11AM - 4PM and the 4th and last session is on Saturday 21ST November 6PM - 11PM.

We caught up with local Wellington Qualified builder Luke, “yea mate, I was doing chores all lockdown, the lawns have a fresh cut, iv hung out washing all week, there’s just a couple of last minute hoops to jump through with the Mrs, but I can confirm, the lads are on!”

So make sure you head along and support these Local businesses this weekend, they really do need the support. Have a few "Frothy’s" while you are there. Remember to drink responsibly, but at the same time give it everything you’ve got!