Best eggs ever supplied to Cafe Jacko

Local Food NZ

JUN 11, 2020

Cafe owner Jacko Stephens believes Local Food NZ eggs are hands down the best eggs he's ever received at Cafe Jacko.

"They are definitely the most consistent and the price is very competitive" he says. Jacko opened the cafe 11 years ago after returning from cooking in the heart of both Sydney and London. He explains that there's less wastage due to the consistent freshness of these eggs. "In the past I've had to dump at least a tray an order because the eggs are old and poor quality - but that's never been the case with Local Food. I'm very happy with the eggs, they are fantastic." Local Food NZ is proud to support local businesses. Grab a coffee and enjoy fresh free range eggs at Cafe Jacko, George Street, Palmerston North.