Double Yolk, It's No Joke


NOV 12, 2020

What is it about the classic double yolker that gets people going?

Is it the fact that you purchase an egg thinking you have 1, then Bam! Out of no where 2 yolks magically appear into the pan.

That feeling of “did I just get 2 for the price of 1?” hits your brain and the instant satisfaction of getting a small win rushes through your body.

Double yolkers have long been compared to the tail of a 4 leaf clover, often bringing good luck to the holder of this mythical object.

Extensive scientific research has been done into why double yolkers happen, our conclusion at Local Food Headquarters on this thesis was, the probability of coming across a double yolker is 1 – 1200.

This in our opinion has been overruled by the fact that know one really cares how or when it happens, they just care that it did and nobody can ever take that away from you.

Local Feilding Egg Eater Lucy say’s - “OMG they are just the best, usually where there’s 1 yolk, all of sudden there’s 2! It really makes my day better when I start off with a double yolker on my toast, its an extra energy hit in the morning, Nutritionally and emotionally!”

Who knows what will happen in the future of double yolkers, all we know is if your lucky enough to be in the presence of this force of nature, take a moment, absorb what has happened and enjoy the rest of your day.