Extending the trusted Focal Point brand to fresh ready-to-eat salads

Local Food NZ

OCT 8, 2020

It’s been a busy few months for Julie Bell and the team at Focal Point Gourmet. Extending the trusted Focal Point brand into fresh ready-to-eat salads has been very well received by locals at the Feilding Farmers Market on a Friday and an exciting change of pace for the staff.

The idea was developed during level four of lockdown and like all great ideas, it had so many other benefits for the brand once it was launched. “It ticks a lot of boxes for us from a staff perspective” explains Julie, “it makes Focal Point more visible to locals and visitors at the market. I’m able to give the staff more hours and help them tap into their creative side with salad ideas. The satisfaction in having that variation in the week is really visible with everyone.”

Focal Point Gourmet launched in on the 4th of September and offers 6-8 salads each week down at the market. Each salad can be purchased in three sizes and some cater for special dietary requirements. “People are more conscious of what they are eating, especially the younger ones. They like to know what’s in each salad and how they were cooked.” This is all part of the satisfaction for Julie, knowing she is providing fresh, healthy food options and meeting people from all walks of life at the market on a Friday. Julie has also noticed a trend of women that are sick of the usual three veg and meat dinner for their loved ones. These salads are made fresh and many pick up a large portion to add variation to the main meal, or as a treat while their other half enjoys their usual plateful.

Supporting this initiative with fresh free-range eggs is Local Food NZ. Julie uses Local Food NZ eggs in the mayonnaise and some salads such as the traditional potato and egg salad and specialty keto salads. The long term plan is to use Local Food NZ for fresh produce as well and support local growers as well as the local egg farm. “We used Local Food NZ eggs at the café both here in Feilding and down at Focal Point Levin as well, so it’s convenient. The eggs are incredibly fresh, a great colour, reliable and Scott, Craig and the team are so great to deal with.

2020 has definitely been a year of supporting local businesses and Julie is feeling really confident about the new arm of Focal Point café and cinema. “It feels good to be a local business, providing fresh food to locals in both the café and as a convenient ready-to-eat salad on a Friday. The support and reliability of Local Food NZ has been a big part of the launch and we look forward to continuing to work together as local people, providing local food in friendly Feilding.