Homemade food with real ingredients – including free-range eggs

Local Food NZ

NOV 13, 2020

Iconic café Viv’s Kitchen in Sanson has recently made the change to free-range eggs which are proudly supplied by Local Food NZ. Famous for its delicious cream horns, the café’s success has been 14 years in the making and owners Kevan and Viv are not finished yet.

“We tried out a few concepts” they explain, “it started out as an ice cream and lunch bar called ‘Crazy Sundae’ and then changed to a café called ‘Somethin’s Cooki’n’ – both were down at a different location and just weren’t meeting our vision.” They refined the concept over time and Viv’s Kitchen has just gone from strength to strength. For Kevan and Viv, there’s plenty more in the pipeline to grow the business further.

Prior to working with Local Food NZ, they were getting eggs from another distributor and liked the idea of supporting local and making the change to free-range. “The appearance of the eggs from Local Food are better, they are great to cook with. Previously we were getting breakages in the frying pan whereas these eggs hold their form well and we don’t have the same issues.” Their decision to change was an ‘all in’ attitude. Rather than just offering them on the menu, they decided to change all their eggs to free-range including all the baking and cabinet food.

The café also sources local meat and lettuces, making small changes to local produce where they can. They explain that transitioning from general cage eggs to free-range eggs involved some trial and error as the size of eggs and volume of yolk can make subtle differences in baking items, but they have it sorted now and are enjoying the fresh free-range eggs. “Scott at Local Food is great, we are happy with the service and he’s worked with us while we adjust to the change.”

Awarded a 2020 TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice certificate, Kevan and Viv continue to provide a unique experience for their customers. If you haven’t already, make sure you stop in at the iconic café in Sanson and try one of their famous cream horns – the latest count was at 240,000!