I've never had a bad egg

Local Food NZ

JUN 16, 2020

Cafe Express manager Suzie Richards enjoys the freshness of the eggs from Local Food NZ.

"I've never had a bad egg from Local Food. They are always fresh and great value for money" she explains.
Richards is also the chef at Workshop Bar in Palmerston North and has started using Local Food NZ eggs there as well. She said they are in the process of working through vegetable options from Local Food NZ to compliment the weekly egg order. Cafe Express is a well-established business in Palmerston North and first opened on Square Edge in 1998. Richards has seen the variation in quality from suppliers over the years, having been the chef back in 2004 and then returning to the cafe in early 2019. Cafe Express is now located in The Grand building on The Square in Palmerston North. Please support local and head into the warmth for a signature Express omelette!