I like the experience and connection you get with local suppliers

Local Food NZ

JUL 27, 2020

Jamil Hammoud and his team at the Saleyards Cafe value the relationship they have with their egg supplier Scott Jimmieson at Local Food NZ. “The eggs are so fresh, they are a great colour” explains Jamil, “we need extremely fresh eggs for our big breakfast, and we are guaranteed that with Local Food.”

It’s a challenging time in hospitality and the Saleyards Cafe offer both catering as well as their physical cafe next to the sale yards in Feilding. The catering side has taken a huge hit with COVID, but they have been well supported by the community since reopening the cafe after lockdown. “We offered meals during Level 3 which were well supported, and Level 2 was busier than ever. That’s the great thing about small towns, people really come together and support you.”
Jamil purchased the Saleyards Cafe 6 years ago after a career catering to both the NZ Parliament and Ohakea Air Force. The appeal was the commercial kitchen in which he could continue with his passion for catering as well as meeting the locals through the physical cafe, which is a regular for farmers on sale day.
“I take pride in my food and relationships are important to me. Back in the day, everyone had a strong relationship with their butcher, greengrocer etc and nowadays you can get one supplier delivering everything and that relationship is missing. I like the experience and connection you get with local suppliers, which is why working with Local Food is so fantastic. If I have an issue, I talk to Scott and it’s sorted immediately.”
He’s looking forward to the catering side picking up as the year goes on. Christmas functions, weddings and celebrations are starting to become a reality for many, but it’s not easy and Jamil admits the last few months has been about 30% of normal – so a real challenge for a small business.
“Our focus is the café and diversifying where we can in terms of catering, it’s almost like we need to start from the beginning again. However, with eggs being such a staple of our menu we are thankful for the relationship with Local Food. They can ensure I get consistency in the product, so I can ensure I provide consistency to my customers.”