So fresh and consistent

Local Food NZ

JUL 10 2020

The team at Moomaa Cafe and Design Store are loving the freshness and consistency of Local Food NZ eggs. Moomaa owner Emma Shannon explains that prior to using Local Food they were experiencing a lot of wastage with poor quality or older eggs with other suppliers. "It's been a great move. They are just extremely fresh and we love supporting local producers."

The team very much agree that sourcing fresh, consistent free-range eggs hasn't been a trade off for price. "The cost is so comparable and when you think of the wastage in the past, it's hard to compare due to the freshness and richness in flavour that we receive with every delivery" explains Emma.
Moomaa Cafe and Design Store is located on State Highway One between Bulls and Hunterville. It's stocked with gorgeous gifts, a delicious menu and cabinet food. Head out of town for the day and support this awesome local business.